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Nipsey Rustled is one of several alter egos representing the many sides of writer, new author, poet, and teacher, Derrick Weston Brown. Expect poems, music, perspective, links and images of all sorts of things. I might even get personal from time to time. So enjoy what pops up on this blog, but not a blog, from a brother just trying to get the words out, in a society with an attention span no bigger than a snap pea.

Okay. So I have a thing for the character Tia Dalma from The Pirates Of the Carribean film franchise. When she first appeared on the screen halfway through “Deadman’s Chest” I immediately said out loud, “She could get it!”  Apparently I’ve learned I’m not alone in this fixation/lust/crush for this dreadlocked, red-eyed, indigo stained teeth having black magic woman, who lives in the deepest darkest lagoon of the Carribean.  I mean, yeah, she’s creepy. But did you see the skin on this woman? Flawless. Apparently they got the serious shea butter in the Carribean. Then, she’s got that raspy, rusty screen door hinge groan of a voice. Think Eartha Kitt with an Jamaican accent, heavy with salt fish, callaloo and spiced rum.  However, other folks have given me the serious side-eye once they get a look at her. But what do they know? Have they ever had a crush on a conjure woman, priestess, or anyone remotely ethereal or other worldly? Hmmph. Probably not.

In addition, I may have forgotten to mention that she is actually a Goddess too. I won’t give away everything, but lets just say Tia Dalma is alot more powerful than she seems. She is,after all, the Goddess Calypso. And dare I say she reminds me of another Goddess of the Sea Yemaya  and a goddess of the Wind and Storms,Oya. Can I pick them or what?  Now I do understand that because she’s a Goddess she could easily turn me into a hermit crab if I raise her ire or forget to put the toilet seat down, but what is a relationship that doesn’t keep you on your toes Hmm?

At any rate i’d be content keeping her lair well stocked with roots and herbs, and ferrying her around the lagoon on our boat made of skulls. Ahh.  By the way, the actress who plays her, Naomie Harris, ain’t too bad herself, and she’s one of the most slept on black actresses out there today. Well, that’s my piece. Be well.

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    :O , she was definitely in that movie “ninja assassin” she is gorgeous
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    So sexy.
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    there are others. yas.
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    Tia Dalma was the best part of Pirates 2 and 3, she was so amazing.
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    zorawitch: BAMF right hurr.
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    The second she popped on the screen I though, "this is one fierce bitch right here,"
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    Sure the hell could get it, teeth and all.
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    That’s my girl!!!!!
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    yess. you’re not alone.